BMW E46 Coupe

e46 Coupe from BMW

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The BMW E46 coupe is part of the 3 Series compact executive cars produced by BMW from 1998 to 2006. The coupe and touring styles were not released until 1999. The BMW E46 is widely considered an enormous success and an industry benchmark for cars of this class, consistently ranking as a top seller across the glob during its production. The E46 coupe is still in high demand due to its solid design and performance.

The body was designed as a modern replacement for the aging boxy styles used previously. Emphasis is put on aerodynamics and an overall aggressive stance. The profile is lower, longer, and wider then its predecessors. The lack of four doors is also apparent and contributes to this new look. It undoubtedly continues the reputation of BMW as a maker of solid luxury cars with an edge of performance.

A very advanced electronics system is included in the e46 coupe, allowing easy upgrading and integration with the newest technologies of the time including DVD players, Bluetooth, Navigation systems, and MP3 players. Multiple upgrade options are also available. These features make it attractive to after market tuning enthusiasts and further adds to its enduring value into modern times.

Emphasis was also put on reducing the body weight to improve performance. Extensive use of aluminum supports both decreased weight and improved rigidity. The E46 coupe features a front engine rear-wheeled design that allows for optimal handling and balance. An optional sequential manual gearbox is available in addition to the standard 6-speed manual.

If your looking for real thrills, the BMW E46 coupe is sure way to find them. Although getting your hands on a used model can prove difficult due to their continued demand and healthy residual values.

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BMW E46 Coupe